General Questions

How will AJ2021 compare to the Canadian Jamboree held in 2017 at Nedooae?

First of all there should be far less mud! Our sites have grown and matured since 2017. We are building on the infrastructure and lessons learned from CJ’17 and SJ15. While AJ2021 will be smaller than CJ17 we will have an equally exciting and challenging program, especially reflective of the 4 Atlantic Provinces!

What should I look forward to at AJ2021?

AJ2021 will be like no other Jamboree held at Camp Nedooae, or in Canada for that matter. The sub-camps will be in the front end of the property so that you can access the core of the Jamboree easily. The programming is off of the Loop Road where the CJ subcamps were located. All meals are catered so units do not have to pick-up and cook their own food – this will lighten your load and make transportation that much easier! This eliminates the cost to groups of new cooking equipment. All you’ll need to bring for meals will be your personal dishes!

What does the average day look like at the Jamboree for participants?

The average day will start with breakfast between 7 and 8:30am followed by a program period before lunch, lunch around noon and a second program period in the afternoon. Supper will then be between 5 and 6:30pm and then evening activities to follow.

Who can attend the Jamboree?

3rd year Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturer Scouts registered as of May 2021 are eligible to attend as a Jamboree participant. We have some specialized activities for Venturer Scouts. Venturer Scouts are also able to register as an Offer of Service (OOS) rather than as a participant, if they'd rather! Venturer Scouts are very important to putting on Jamborees especially considering the Canadian Path's Youth-led design.

Will Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts be able to attend?

Yes, Wednesday 14 July 2021 is our Beaver/Cub Day for younger youth to visit and experience AJ2021! There is a registration and visitor guide process so everyone can enjoy the Jamboree experience! There will be more information made available as we get closer to the event. As for 3rd year cubs, they are able to attend within the Scout Patrols. We actually encourage groups to use the Jamboree as a linking event and bring their Howlers along with them.

How much will AJ2021 cost? How will payments work?

Both participants and OOS will pay a set fee which includes their registration and food. OOS will have a reduced cost given the significant contribution they make to making AJ2021 possible. The early bird rate of $700 for Participants and $350 for OOS is in effect and valid for any registration before 15 October 2021. With these dynamic times we will not be announcing the regular fee until September of 2021 when we have a better idea of what our major expenses will be. For Participants: - First payment, of a minimum of $200/participant, made at the time of registration - Second payment, $200/participant, is due by January 31, 2021. - Third and final payment, any remaining outstanding amount, due by April 1, 2021 - If the first payment is received on or after April 1, 2021 then the Late fee is in effective For OOS: - First payment, of a minimum of $150, made at the time of registration - Second payment, $100, is due by January 31, 2021. - Third and final payment, any remaining outstanding amount, due by April 1, 2021 - If the first payment is received on or after April 1, 2021 then the Late fee is in effective

Will the site and activities accommodate disabilities?

Scouting is inclusive. However, Camp Nedooae is only partially developed. Some roads and paths may offer some mobility challenges. Let us know your needs and we will do our best to give you a great Jamboree experience.

What is the Cancelation Policy?

- Full refund for any cancellation up to January 31, 2021; - A $75 per participant Administration fee, for any cancellation from February 1 – February 28, 2021; - 50% refund for any cancellation from March 1, 2021; - no  refund  after April 1, 2021 except  by approval of the Jamboree Chair. You may swap names of scouts and scouters at any time at no cost.

How can I pay for AJ?

Your Group can simply write a cheque to "Scouts Canada - Nova Scotia Council" and mail it to our Administration Manager at the below address. Kathy Hamilton - AJ2021 129 Swansea Street Conception Bay South, NL A1W 4S9

What Medical Information is Required

You information was most likely enetered online as part of the registration process. Select here for the form if you need to add or change your medical information, scan it is and send to

Site Questions

Where will AJ2021 be held?

AJ2021 will be held at Camp Nedooae - 234 Camp Nedooae Road, Elderbank, NS - which is east of Halifax. It is about 40 minutes from the Airport and about an hour from Halifax. Camp Nedooae is a large property with both wooded areas and cleared fields on Browns Lake. SJ15 and CJ17 were both held here at this property.

Will there be WIFI at the Jamboree Site?

The AJ2021 Team is working to arrange WiFi coverage for the site, but don’t plan on having it. It is more likely that it wil end up only being available for our Administration and First Aid Teams.

Can I charge my phone? What about my CPAP machine?

Yes, AJ2021 is arranging charging capacity for phones and CPAPs at key charging sites.

Can I run an electric CPAP from my tent?

It is unlikely that your tent would be close to an electrical outlet. However, rechargeable CPAPS and batteries will be accommodated.

Can I bring a camping trailer?

No. During the Jamboree there will not be any room set aside for camping trailers. However, there is a Provincial Park – Dollar Lake – less than a 30- minute drive from Camp Nedooae..

Will I be able to rent gear there?

There will not be rental gear available onsite but tents and some other camping gear may be rented from local retailers. Scouts Canada has lots of amazing equipment through our Scouts Shop - Visit the Scouts Shop website. You can order equipment through the Scouts Shop and have it delivered to the Nova Scotia Council Office.

Will there be nonbinary washrooms and showers?

We will ensure all Scouts and Scouters are included and comfortable with their washroom and shower needs.

Will I be able store my refrigerated medications?

There will be safe and refrigerated sites for you to store our medications. Indicate your need when registering.

How Big is our Patrol's Site

Each Patrol's Site is 10m by 10m, so plan your gear and tents accordingly. If your group has more than one patrol, we can arrange for the patrols to be located together to make best use of your Group Gear. Of course you may want to seperate the patrols so that you get to meet more youth and patrols from other areas of the country and world.

Food Questions

What if I have special dietary needs?

Please indicate your dietary needs at the point of registration and we will try accommodate your needs in the meal plan. In extreme situations, you may want to bring some of your own food - discuss with our Registration Manager - Kathy Hamilton

What are the benefits to patrols of Jamboree-Wide Catering?

By having all of the meals prepared for both participants and OOS it provides a number of benefits. Two of the big ones, for patrols specially, are that it will free up participant's time but also drastically reduce the amount of gear that groups need to bring to camp. Most groups purchae new stoves (or other equipment) and pay for propane, and purchase ice while at the Jamboree as well, so this method will provide significant savings to patrols.

What are the overall benefits of Jamboree-Wdie Catering?

From a Jamboree management perspective it will decrease our ecological impact by lowering the amount of water wasted as everyone will be using the same dish washing station. It will also ensure more efficient and consistent waste management, sorting, and recycling.

Am I able to opt out of the meal plan?

The meal plan is incorporated into the registration fee so there is no way for individuals or Patrols to opt out. Having it this way keeps costs down for everyone, streamlines the meal preparation to ensure more time for Jamboree activities.

If everyone uses their own dishes how do you counteract cross contamination?

When getting served, a food grade plate liner will be placed on each plate to ensure everyone's safety when it comes to food serving.

Transportation Questions

How can I travel there?

Nedooae is about 40 minutes from the airport and about an hour from Halifax. For participants arriving by air we will have shuttles for arrivals and departures. There will be a $25 per participant transportation fee for this service. You need to secure your shuttle seat as part of your online registration. Those driving vehicles can come to the site, drop off gear and all passengers and then either leave or go to the off-site parking area and be shuttled back to the Jamboree site.

How can I get our gear there?

You will have to make arrangements to get your gear to the jamboree site. Most groups pack so they can ship their gear on an airplane or by personal vehicle. At the Jamboree site you will have to move your gear, as a patrol, to your camping site. Think of this as an opportunity to practice your light weight camping skills!

Where can I park if we drive to camp?

Those driving vehicles will drop off their gear and non-drivers, drive to the off-site parking lot, park the vehicle and then get shuttled back to the camp.

Will there be a daily shuttle to the off-site parking lot?

No. During the Jamboree there will not be a daily shuttle, please plan accordingly and take everything out of your car on your initial drop-off.

Frequently Asked Questions

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