Offer of Service Information

The Atlantic Jamboree 2021 is open to all registered Scouters of Scouts Canada, L’Association des Scouts du Canada or members from other National Scout Organizations who are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)as of the start date of the Jamboree (10 July 2021)

Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, or Scouters registering to help run program or work in another department of Jamboree operations can register as Offers of Service (OOS).​​ 

After initial Registration, your application needs to be reviewed and approved by the Jamboree Management Team.

Once your application has been approved, you can submit your registration fee

Screening & Training for Offers of Service

This Jamboree will based on the fundamental philosophies of the Canadian Path Program so it is integral that all Jamboree Offers of Service have a good understanding of the Canadian Path.


To register as an Offer of Service attending the Jamboree,

  • you must be active in MyScouts at the time of Registration. and for the Duration of the Jamboree

  • all adult members need to have taken Woodbadge I for the Canadian Path.

International OOS

If you are interested in attending the jamboree and are from another country we are more than excited to welcome you! Please email for any requirements we would be looking for from International OOS. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our youth so there may be some requirements unique to Scouts Canada activities.


The registration fee is all inclusive, it covers:

  • Lodging, we plan and provide the tent sites​

    • Just bring your tents and sleeping gear​

  • Meals - all meals are fully catered

    • Just bring your mess kit​

  • Activities -  There are OOS activities planned

    • Just bring your energy​

The Early Bird Fee for the Atlantic Jamboree is $350 (CAD) per Offer of Service.

This is valid until 15 October 2020

Because of the uncertainty of costs in these dynamic times, the regular fee will be set on

15 September 2020

Payment Plan

  • First payment, of a minimum of $150, made after your application has been reviewed and accepted.

  • Second payment, $100, is due by January 31, 2021.

  • Third and final payment, any remaining outstanding amount, due by April 1, 2021

  • If the first payment is received on or after April 1, 2021 then the Late fee is in effective 


Refund Policy

  • On or before 31 January 2021 - Full Refund for any cancellation

  • 01 to 28 Feb 2021 - Full Refund minus a $75 per participant cancellation fee

  • 01 to 31 March 2021 - 50% Refund for any cancellation

  • After 31 March 2021 - No Refund, except by approval of the Jamboree Chair


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